Great Night at Titans of Crypto

MetaX HQ and Guardian Circle hosted Titan of Crypto’s Los Angeles meetup last night, Thursday, July 27, at 7p.m. PST. The event was a lightning style format; anyone in the audience was able to signup and share about crypto-related projects, news, and/or topics of their choice for five minutes followed by a two minute Q&A. This structure invited a variety of exciting discussions to develop!

Jason Crilly, the Co-Founder of RYSE, started off the night by bouncing ideas off the crowd for possible token integrations for RYSE, a music artist and talent discovery app. Tony Winders shared about his client, BitBounce, that launched the Credo ICO, backed by Tim Draper, and provides an email solution to spam. The night was closed out by Aurora LePort, a data scientist for Verizon Wireless, who proposed an idea similar to Golem and FileCoin except instead of renting out unused storage space on your computer, you can transfer or sell unused cell phone data. MetaX will continue to host events geared towards the crypto community. Stay tuned for more to come!  



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