First CryptoBeach Event

CryptoBeach had its first event last Thursday, August 24 at 7p.m. PST at the MetaX HQ! The night started out with Brock Pierce discussing his knowledge of Bitcoin, Ethereum, token sales, and the legalities behind it all. The audience was able to ask questions and learn more about the EOS project as well. He reminded the audience, in regards to their cryptocurrency experience, “don’t forget the reason you’re here”. He motivated the crowd to think about the bigger picture and remember they are a part of a decentralized world; they need to work together to establish adoption and awareness.

Pierce was followed by a variety of lightning style talks. Titan Digital Exchange shared the concept behind their new token launch and exchange platform. Angello Pozo of Hello Sugoi spoke about their blockchain, ticketing platform and future plans for the company. Matt Rogers also talked about Benefit With Us, a blockchain platform looking to connect with local businesses. The evening ended with drinks on the rooftop and networking. Stay tuned for the next CryptoBeach Meetup!

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