Slack Channel Phishing Alert

Dear adChain Community Members,
The adChain slack channel has been experiencing a wave of phishing attacks over the past few days. As a result, we have temporarily halted our slack inviter until we land on a solution to mitigate the attacks.
We understand this is an inconvenience, not only to our slack channel, but for the entire Ethereum ecosystem. Phishing attacks, unfortunately, have become all too common.
We are exploring a number of options to deal with the attacks. Ultimately, we want to provide a safe and scam-free environment for our adChain community members. In the meantime, please stay vigilant. The adChain team will never ask you for you private keys and there is NO more token distribution events. If you receive any slack notifications, DM’s or emails claiming otherwise, be aware, it is a scam.
Once we land on a formal solution that we feel is sufficient to deal with these attacks, we will inform the community and re-open our slack channel for new members.
Thanks for your understanding and patience .
The adChain Team



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