adToken Launch Complete

What an exciting morning! The adToken sale is a culmination of more than 14-months of blood, sweat, and tears. We’re like a group of proud parents over here.

But, first and foremost, the teams at MetaX and ConsenSys thank the community for their interest and support of adChain and adToken. The adChain Slack and Reddit channels have been full of engaging questions based off the white paper. We appreciate the thoughtful responses and time people have taken to learn about what we want to accomplish.

The sale will fund further product development and innovation to help streamline the $175 billion digital advertising supply chain that’s riddled with fraud and transparency issues.

Some quick notes:

  • The sale began at approximately 8:37 AM PDT
  • It reached the cap of 10 million USD
  • The sale completed in 1 block
  • A total fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 adTokens were distributed

Here is a more detailed recap of the sale! 

Pictured below is the team celebrating at the office today with great partners who flew to Los Angeles for the festivities – Mike Goldin from ConsenSys, Myles McGinley, Jordan Greenblatt, and Emmett O’Keefe from DMA, and advisor Shailin Dhar from Method Media Intelligence.


Cheers from the MetaX and ConsenSys Teams


About adChain

adChain is an open protocol on public Ethereum that allows for the building of decentralized and ad-centric applications for the $175 billion digital advertising ecosystem. The first solution of adChain is the adChain Registry, a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain which stores domain names accredited as non-fraudulent by ADT holders. ADT holders will access a token-weighted voting mechanism through a user interface to vote on whether a publisher domain is fraudulent or non-fraudulent. dApps (decentralized applications) utilizing the adChain protocol will enable advertisers and publishers to run campaigns that leverage the power of Ethereum, while maintaining the familiar user experience of legacy tools. These dApps will drive adoption across the thousands of advertisers, publishers and technology providers, in the digital advertising ecosystem.




Unlocking the Blockchain for Digital Advertising